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About Me

My name is Alina. I'm a mom of two very energetic little boys and have been married to my best friend for almost a decade. It feels like kids are growing way too fast, and time is just running away from us. When our second son was born, life got so much busier! Documenting our lives has become increasingly difficult. This still brings a tear to my eye, since I feel like it's my duty to capture every moment before it's gone forever...

I bought my first camera in 2009, and loved it ever since. I started out with landscape photography. It seemed like the obvious thing to do in the mountains of Vancouver Island, where I lived for a few years after college. I quickly realized, that what I wanted to capture was movement, emotion, love, laughter, and more. I've moved on from landscapes to taking pictures of family and friends and I'm still doing it.

I am passionate about capturing moments that are full of joy and warmth. Let me take those wonderful moments and make them into memories that will last forever on the pages of your family photo album.

I'm happy to answer any of your questions. Shoot me a message in the card below.

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